Poetry of Pedro Homem de Mello: genetic and critical edition

Funding institution
FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
Project PI
Elsa Pereira

This project aims to provide a genetic-critical edition of Pedro Homem de Mello’s poetry, which is spread across a variety of publications, including audio recordings, commemorative plaques, postcards, periodicals, anthologies and more than thirty books (many of which are rare, and often marred by corruptions and typographical errors). To these materials we should also add the manuscripts and typescripts that belong to the poet’s archive at the National Library of Portugal, as well as those in the hands of other institutions and private owners.

The goal is to edit this author’s poetry, highlighting the dialogue that is established between the genetic witnesses and the versions successively published in various supports.



- to carry out an inventory of the poet’s compositions;

- to collect his printed texts, including sparse collaborations in periodicals;

- to analyse the different prototexts that belong to the poet’s archive and to the collections of family or friends;

- to delimit the corpus;

- to design an edition that is suitable to the specific nature of the materials involved;

- to undertake a genetic-critical edition of Mello’s poetry.

Project PI