It is now open the call for a fellowship grant: Bolsa de Investigação (BI)
30 June 2020
Concursos Bolsas - Cadeiras no auditório

Grantee: Bolsa de Investigação (BI)
Reference: BI_EXMARaLDA_jun20  
Panel's President: Professora Doutora Celeste Rodrigues

Duration: 4 months
Application deadline: 9th - 22th of July of 2020

It is now open the call for a fellowship grant. The fellowship grant is launched under the works of the Grammar & Resources, group, of the Center of Linguistics of the University of Lisbon, of the School of Arts and Humanities, the grant is funded by FCT/MCTES national funds, through the Strategic Project UID/LIN/00214/2020.

The call is available on the School of Arts and Humanities website (