Post-Doctoral Researcher Position
01 July 2020
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Job/Fellowship Reference: FLUL - 1-CLUL-UIDP-2020
Main research field: Computer science and Computational Linguistics

Job description:
Universidade de Lisboa | University of Lisbon
The Centre of Linguistics of the University of Lisbon (CLUL) is seeking to integrate a post-doctoral researcher in Computer Science or Computational Linguistics, to develop and improve new and existing linguistic resources and tools at CLUL. The selected applicant will be appointed to a three-year term, and will work as a member of the Centre of Linguistics .

Applications are open for a period of 30 (thirty) working days upon publication of an official announcement in Diário da República (the Portuguese Official Gazette).
Hiring and procedural rules are described in detail in the above-mentioned public announcement, and applicants should always refer to them.

The position is financed with national funds by FCT-Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia/MCTES.
Under the terms and conditions of paragraph h) of Article 9 of the Portuguese Constitution, the University of Lisbon is an equal-opportunity employer, committed to preventing all forms of discrimination.

Place of Work
School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon, located in Alameda da Universidade, 1600‐214 Lisbon, Portugal.

General Admission Requirements
III.1. Doctoral degree in Computing or Computational Linguistics.
III.2. Applications shall include all documents listed in section 8 of the official announcement.

Ranking Criteria
The ranking criteria are listed in section 14 of the official announcement: Quality of scientific and technological production in the areas of this call (55%); Applied research activities that reveal experience with Natural Language Processing techniques, in research projects developed in academic or business environment (25%); In-depth knowledge of corpora data processing methods, programming experience (Perl, Python, Java, C / C ++) and good knowledge of SQL (20%)

The evaluation of the scientific and curricular path focuses on the last five years and considers the relevance, quality and topicality of the production and activities.

Documents to submit with the application:
- the request template
- the form
- A detailed Curriculum vitae, structured in accordance with the ranking criteria referred to above and in points 12 and 14 of the official announcement, signed and dated;
- A copy of the PhD certificate, according to the conditions established in number 7 of the official announcement
- The recognition of the PhD degree if awarded by a non-Portuguese institution. It is mandatory to request its recognition in Portugal to comply with the Portuguese legislation concerning the recognition of foreign qualifications (regulated by the Decree-Law no. 66/2018 of August 16 th and the Normative Order no. 33/2019 of January 25 th ). In case of selection, signing of the contract will beconditional on the presentation of this certified document. It is not mandatory to send this document at the stage of the application.
- A copy of up to three published papers considered relevant by the applicant for the assessment of the ranking criteria.

Candidates should send the documents in PDF format, to the email address until the last day of the call deadline, which is fixed at 30 working days after publication of this Notice in Diário da República.

Application materials may be presented in Portuguese or in English.

The gross monthly salary is 2 961,07 . Yearly pay comprises fourteen paychecks.

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For questions about the application process, please contact Silvana Abalada


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DR: Aviso n.º 9698/2020 - Diário da República n.º 124/2020, Série II de 2020-06-29 136804696