Artemij Keidan: Introducing axiomatic linguistics, with a special focus on segmental grammar
Seminários CLUL
Seminários CLUL
Sala B112.H da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa

Artemij Keidan (Sapienza University of Rome) 

Título: Introducing axiomatic linguistics, with a special focus on segmental grammar 

Resumo: In my talk I will present a relatively new approach to the analysis of language, provisionally called “axiomatic linguistics”, which is a late branch of the major framework known as “Meaningtext” theory proposed by Igor Mel’čuk in the 70s. The former conceives grammars as cascades of representations plus the rewriting rules linking them. What the proponents of the axiomatic approach wish to add is the axiomatization of this linguistic theory. First, I wish to introduce the notion of axiomatization per se. The instrument of axiomatization, borrowed from logic and algebra, allows us to determine the truth of a statement in the theory. Next, the axioms of segmental grammar, which includes phonetics, phonology, and morphophonology, will be introduced and illustrated. In conclusion, I will propose a reformulation of some traditional phonological notions in the axiomatic form.