Celina Agostinho: Verbal passives in the acquisition of EP
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Sala B112.C da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa

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Celina Agostinho

TítuloVerbal passives in the acquisition of EP

Resumo:  The verbal passive has been shown to be delayed in child grammar in several languages, in particular with subject experiencer predicates, such as love and hear, as opposed to actional predicates, such as paint and comb (see Maratsos et al., 1985, for English; Driva & Terzi, 2007, for Greek; Cunill, 2012, for Catalan; Oliva & Wexler, 2018, for Spanish; Volpato, Verin & Cardinaletti, 2016, for Italian; and Estrela, 2013, European Portuguese; a.o.). This research examines the comprehension of verbal passives by children acquiring European Portuguese, exploring the predictions of previous hypotheses, namely the Universal Phase Requirement (UPR: Wexler, 2004) and the Universal Freezing Hypothesis (UFH: Snyder & Hyams, 2015), with regard to children’s performance with different types of predicates, as well as newer directions for investigation.