Conferência G&R: "The challenges of definition & redefinition: The case of 'fetal personhood'"
Sala B112.C da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa

O Grupo Gramática & Recursos convida todos os interessados para uma conferência organizada no âmbito das Sessões de Trabalho G&R. Decorre no dia 22 de Março, pelas 14h30 (sala B112.C) e terá como orador o Prof. Edward Schiappa, do Massachussetts Institute of Technology.

Segue o resumo da sua comunicação e uma breve nota biográfica:

The challenges of definition & redefinition: The case of 'fetal personhood'

Edward Schiappa

(John E. Burchard Professor of the Humanities, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

This presentation explores the recent Alabama Supreme Court decision declaring frozen embryos as “unborn children” in three parts. First, the role of defining “person” in Roe v. Wade is described, as well as in the decision that overturned Roe in 2022: Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization. Second, the rationale and role of definition in the Alabama decision of LePage v. Center for Reproductive Medicine, P.C. is explicated. Third, the far-reaching consequences of this redefinition of “person” are described.

Edward Schiappa conducts research in argumentation, media influence, and rhetorical theory. His latest book is titled The Transgender Exigency: Defining Sex & Gender in the 21st Century, which brings together his long-time interests in definitional controversies and LGBTQ issues. He has published eleven books, including Beyond Representational Correctness: Rethinking Criticism of Popular Media, Professional Development During Your Doctoral Education, and The Beginnings of Rhetorical Theory in Classical Greece. His research has appeared in such journals as Philosophy & Rhetoric, Quarterly Journal of Speech, Rhetoric Review, Argumentation, Communication Monographs, Communication Theory, and Law & Contemporary Problems. He has served as editor of Argumentation and Advocacy and received NCA's Douglas W. Ehninger Distinguished Rhetorical Scholar Award in 2000 and the Rhetorical and Communication Theory Distinguished Scholar Award in 2006. He was named a National Communication Association Distinguished Scholar in 2009. In 2016, Schiappa and his co-authors of “The Parasocial Contact Hypothesis” received the NCA’s Woolbert Award for work that has stood the test of time and has become a stimulus for new conceptualizations of communication phenomena. Schiappa is former Head of CMS/W and is John E. Burchard Professor of the Humanities.