Project PI
Amália Mendes

PORTULAN CLARIN ensures the preservation and fostering of the scientific heritage regarding the Portuguese language, supporting the preservation, promotion, distribution, sharing and reuse of language resources for this language, including text collections, lexicons, processing tools, etc.


Its mission is to support researchers, innovators, citizen scientists, students, language professionals and users in general whose activities resort to research results from the Science and Technology of Language by means of the distribution of scientific resources, the supplying of technological support, the provision of consultancy, and the fostering of scientific dissemination.

It supports activities in all scientific and cultural domains with special relevance to those that are more directly concerned with language — whether as their immediate subject, or as an instrumental mean to address their topics —, including among others, the areas of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Computation and Cognitive Sciences, Healthcare, Language teaching and promotion, Cultural creativity, Cultural heritage, etc.

PORTULAN CLARIN belongs to the Portuguese National Roadmap of Research Infrastructures of Strategic Relevance and is part of the international research infrastructure CLARIN ERIC.

It fosters Open Science practices by supporting its users in making their results and resources accessible to all sectors of an inquiring society.


Access here the repository of resources and the Workbench, to use or deposit resources.


Board of Directors

Director General: António Branco (Faculty of Sciences, ULisboa)

Executive Director: Amália Mendes 

Executive Director: Paulo Quaresma (University of Évora) 

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Project PI
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