Edition of Leite de Vasconcelos works

Funding institution
Imprensa Nacional
Project PI
Ivo Castro

The archives of Leite de Vasconcelos, housed at FLUL and National Museum of Archeology, habour many unpublished manuscripts and documents waiting to be edited and studied. Among them the Dictionary of Regionalisms and Archaisms, with circa 23.000 handwritten entries, more than half already transcribed and made available; the correspondence with Hugo Schuchardt (about 50 letters each), edited and translated from the German by I. Castro and E. Rodrigues-Moura (U. Göttingen). Under work are also editions to be published by Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda: vol. IX of the Opuscules and a new edition of Lessons of Portuguese Philology.



- online edition of the Dictionary
- online edition of Leite-Schuchardt correspondence
- editions at IN-CM


Project PI
Museu Nacional de Arqueologia, Lisboa
Biblioteca da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa