TAXE - Parataxis, Hypotaxis and Interface Syntax-Discourse

Funding institution
Sem financiamento externo
Project PI
Gabriela Matos
Project co-PI
Madalena Colaço


 The goals

Parataxis, Hypotaxis and Interface Syntax-Discourse was a project that aimed at developing the study of Parataxis (co-ordination, juxtaposition and parenthetical sentences) and its specificity with respect to Hypotaxis (subordinate sentences) focusing on European Portuguese (PE) Adult Grammar, and to characterize the syntactic structures and the discursive strategies involved, as well as the anaphoric relations of nominal expressions that occur in these domains, in EP as L1 and L2.

 The approach

TAXE adopted an approach grounded on the current Generative Grammar framework, assumed a comparative perspective and complemented the theoretical investigation with an empirical approach, basing the research on the analysis of corpora data and experimental tests whenever required.

 The results

The results of the research implemented within Parataxis, Hypotaxis and Interface Syntax-Discourse have been publicized in national and international Conferences, Symposiums and workshops, as well as in national and international publications.

The publications reveal the considerable amount of knowledge attained in the areas under research in the project in the domain of European Portuguese in L1 and L2, and permitted to evaluate some proposals that have been assumed within the Minimalist Program concerning the characterization of the Adult Grammar. The Project involved several researchers of CLUL, from the research group Grammar and Resources.

As mentioned in the presentations and publications, the project has been supported by CLUL´s internal funding - FCT strategic projects PEst-OE/LIN/UI0022/2011, PEst-OE/LIN/UI0214/2011,  PEst-OE/LIN/UI0214/2013, UID/LIN/00214/2013, UID/LIN/00214/201, UID/LIN/00214/2019.