Antes e Depois de Editar. Estudos Filológicos
Anfiteatro III of the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon

If we think that text editing can be seen as a corner; if we think that there are studies necessary to turn this corner and that there are studies only possible after turning it, this colloquium will try to avoid the thin angle of the corner.

We will therefore dedicate two days to discuss studies that enabled us to edit, or studies that have become possible after editing. In other words: studies on the knowledge produced on the way to the thin corner, which is the editing of a text, and on the knowledge that would have been impossible to build, without the support of the same thin corner.




31st of January of 2020 – Abstract, bibliography and CV submission

2nd of March of 2020 – Announcement of the six accepted papers

3rd of September of 2020 – Texts' submission, formatted according to the colloquium's text presentation rules

Until the 30th of September 2020 – Dissemination of the texts among the participants

16th of November of 2020 – Guests' questions submission

14th–15th of January of 2021 – Colloquium Antes e Depois de Editar. Estudos Filológicos


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