Child-Adult Interaction Corpus - CAI
CORDIAL-SIN - Syntax-oriented Corpus of Portuguese Dialects - CORDIAL-SIN
Corpora of PLE
Corpus Almeida - European Portuguese / French
Corpus Angolar
Corpus CCF
Corpus Fadambo
Corpus Leiria (1991)
Corpus of Ancient Texts
Corpus of Cape Verdean Portuguese
Corpus of Sri Lanka Portuguese
Corpus of the Diaries of the Portuguese Parliament annotated with PoS - PTPARL
Corpus Português Fundamental - Corpus PF
Corpus Principense
Corpus REDIP
Corpus Santome
Corpus SANTOS - European Portuguese
Dicionário Terminológico de Crítica Textual - DTCT
Forgotten Letters 1900-1974 - FLY
Language Unity and Diversity: Variation in Caboverdean and beyond - LUDViC
Learner Corpus of Portuguese L2 - COPLE2
Lexicographical Corpus of Portuguese
LT Corpus (Literary Corpus) - LT Corpus
Mobilidade Ascendente Entre As Minorias - MAEAM
NPChunks: Corpus of 1000 sentences annotated with PoS and nominal chunks - NPChunks
Online Corpus of Writing and Speech of Children in the Early Years of Schooling - EFFE-On
Os Degraus do Parnaso
Pereira&Freitas - EP
Portuguese Corpus Annotated for Modality - MODAL
Portuguese Discourse Bank - CRPC-DB
Post Scriptum - P.S.
Ramalho – EP
Reference Corpus of Contemporary Portuguese - CRPC
Spoken Corpus Mozambique 1986-87 - SCM
Spoken Portuguese - Geographical and Social Varieties
Tagged and Parsed Old Portuguese Texts - WOChWEL's POS
Toponomasticon Hispaniae
Unknown Letters - CARDS
Vocatives in European Portuguese